Children's TV star considers MMA career

I have long, long wanted Mr. Rogers to snap. I will settle for Jason David Frank, the actor who essayed the layered role of "Green Ranger" in Saban's acid-trip "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" phenomenon of the 1990s.

MMAWeekly's Damon Martin quoted Frank, now 35, as saying he's training with Melvin Guillard and incorporating wrestling and jiu-jitsu into a base of a style called "Tose Kune Do." That sounds suspiciously like something that would scroll across the screen during a 1994 UFC broadcast, followed shortly by a man in parachute pants bleeding from his eyes, ears and mouth. But all right.

Frank's full-contact history is a little vague: His Web site mentions ownership of a "prestigious" title from something called "Ruff Man" in Indiana; he has a Muay Thai fight on YouTube that doesn't last long enough to get much sense of his abilities.

Date and location of Frank's MMA debut are still undecided. May the best Zord win.