Something fishy: Sean Salmon admits to throwing bout

Former UFC freelancer Sean Salmon, best known for his startling resemblance to John McCarthy and a KO loss to Rashad Evans that will play in clip reels indefinitely, authored a column for MMAJunkie this week destined to stir trouble: Fighting Allan Weickert in June, Salmon wrote that he purposely "put an arm back in" a submission trap so he could get the fight over with and return to England healthy. (Naturally, everyone wants to return to England healthy -- maintaining it where butter and gravy are the two main food groups is another story.)

Salmon said that he was warned by Wolfslair, his training camp, not to return if he got damaged in the fight. To Salmon, that was somehow code for "throw your combat morality out the window." The whole thing makes roughly as much sense as Ashton Kutcher's career, but there it is.

How the Ohio State Athletic Commission will react to an athlete admitting foul play is TBD. If Salmon didn't somehow misinterpret his own words -- and it's hard to cry about a misquote when you're the byline -- then he's going to have a difficult time in fandom. Prizefighting works because it's an honest expression of technique: The minute audiences feel deceived, they will not hesitate to spit in your general direction.