Boxing legend Roach talks Ortiz

Achieving a psychological edge is a hit-or-miss proposition, but you could make a worse attempt than slotting noted stand-up trainer Freddie Roach in your corner. Roach, who has trained the likes of Bernard Hopkins and Mike Tyson in a career that has spanned decades, has been amenable to helping out mixed-style athletes the past few years. (Roach student Andrei Arlovski spent three minutes giving Fedor Emelianenko fits, which is three minutes more than most people get.)

Roach's latest pupil: Tito Ortiz, who fights Mark Coleman on Nov. 21. Among other interesting bits, Roach recently told FightHype that Ortiz pukes a lot. "I think I made him throw up again yesterday. … I push him hard and he won't quit. He sucks it up and fights back, and I like that."

Ortiz's strategy is pretty solid. Fights between wrestlers can often turn into a C-level kickboxing contest. If Ortiz can raise his game to a B, it could be all the edge he needs.