Spoiler alert: Bob Reilly still hates MMA

On the eve of a crucial vote that would bring MMA a step closer to finding a home in the state of New York, state assemblyman and noted crankypants Bob Reilly has made the 11th-hour media rounds in an attempt to drum up support for his cause.

"[T]he purpose of sports is not to inflict injury," Reilly railed to Fanhouse. "We can't ever forget that, or what do we become? We become barbaric." MMA, he added, is a sport in which "damaging your opponent is one of the main goals." Wouldn't that describe the NFL, the NHL and boxing (to say nothing of politics)? Or are quarterbacks now tickled into turnovers?

A bill to move forward with sanctioning MMA in the state goes to vote Wednesday. Expect Reilly to be on hand with proof that the Kennedy assassination can be directly linked to Helio Gracie.