Ultimate Athletes: MMA Moonlighters IV (of IV)

Jordan tried baseball. Didn't quite work out. Honest effort. Probably had fun doing it.

Nobody in their right mind "tries" MMA. You don't "play" getting beaten in the head.

This hasn't stopped a list of former NFL grunts from doing just that. Concluding our weeklong look at athletes who traded grass for canvas:

Jarrod Bunch (0-1)

Affiliation: Running back, New York Giants, Los Angeles Raiders

Résumé: He's a credible purple belt in jiu-jitsu who won numerous prestigious grappling tournaments (Pan-Ams, Worlds). Lost his only MMA bout to fellow NFL retiree Michael Westbrook in 2005. Offered a fight with former Steelers offensive guard Carlton Haselrig in 2008, but declined, possibly due to a lowball offer.

Bench him? It has been self-imposed, but if the money's right, Bunch will fight.

Marcus Jones (4-1)

Affiliation: Defensive tackle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Résumé: A Gracie Tampa student, Jones tried out for the upcoming 10th season of "The Ultimate Fighter." No word on the result.
Bench him? The jury's out. He's 35 years old, but age is kinder to heavyweights and Jones is a Lesnar-sized 6-foot-6, 262 pounds.