Fistic medicine: Hominick's hematoma

Mark Hominick's injury might have been hard on the eyes, but the referee was right to let him continue. Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Bruises are as much a part of mixed martial arts as tattoos and cauliflower ears, but the bruise endured by Mark Hominick in Saturday’s UFC 129 featherweight title bout with Jose Aldo was of another degree entirely.

Any trauma to the tissues of the body can result in a hematoma. If only the low-pressure capillaries in the skin are disrupted, the hematoma that develops is usually no more than a simple bruise. A larger and potentially more serious hematoma develops if veins are damaged. Hominick’s injury appeared to be an even more significant form of hematoma: one caused by arterial bleeding. More ยป