Pudzianowski's cardio, GSP's odds, more

Deal with it: Being the "World's Strongest Man" pretty much gives you carte blanche to do whatever you want. Jumana Totongi/Sherdog.com

Note to the World's Strongest Man: Of all the things you want to avoid doing when you're 270-plus pounds of muscle, it's expend your oxygen supply before you've even set foot in the ring.

In what we can only hope was an effort to give Polish fans their money's worth, Mario Pudzianowski put way too much thought into how he would enter the ring and maybe not quite enough into what he would do when he got there against James Thompson at KSW 16 on Saturday. After letting it all hang out at the weigh-in (see above), Mariusz Pudzianowski then orchestrated an over-the-top ringwalk that would have had Prince reprimanding the choreographer for its tackiness and Lady Gaga shaking her head in disapproval. To add insult to ineptness, Pudzianowski apparently expended his air supply on said ringwalk because less than three minutes in, The WSM was huffing and puffing pretty mightily. Even with a near-minute break in the action to repair an apparel malfunction, Pudzianowski still looked like a spent force. Thompson took full advantage of the situation and promptly stopped his foe a minute later, much to the chagrin of just about every fan in attendance. Chad Dundas feels if Pudzianowski is going to continue trying his hand at this MMA thing, he should spend a little more time on the treadmill and a little less time on how he's getting to the ring.

You know how they say "don't count your chickens before they've hatched?" Try telling that to MMA pundits who probably count them before the hen even lays the eggs. Dundas reveals that, despite the fact that a Georges St. Pierre-Nick Diaz welterweight superfight hasn't even been made, GSP is already a prohibitive betting favorite.

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