Joakim Noah channels Fela Kuti on court

"Those are people that I'm attracted to: people who don't think they're bigger than anybody."

Unexpected words from a guy who is decidedly larger than 99.9 percent of humans he encounters, but for Joakim Noah they’re words of truth.

In an interview with okayafrica, the Bulls center riffs on his love for Afrobeat visionary Fela Kuti, whose music taught him bold-faced lessons in fearlessness as he was growing up.

Noah asserts that the only other artist in recent generations to speak truth through music in such a way was Tupac. He also talks about the connection he and President Obama share over Kuti, which is a bragging right to which very few French-American NBA centers can stake a claim.

Word’s still out as to whether Noah will be able to overcome an ankle injury and play in Thursday’s do-or-die showdown with Philadelphia, but if he does happen to make it off the bench, hindsight suggests he’ll leave his heart on the hardwood. Good things happen when you channel Kuti on the court.