Miss Jackson still overshadows Super Bowl

Eight years later, there are still ramifications from Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "performance." AP Photo/David Phillip

There was a time when “wardrobe malfunction” meant you wandered into a closet and ended up in Narnia. But since 2004, the term has only conjured up flashbacks to the brief exposure of one of Janet Jackson’s no-no parts at Super Bowl XXXVIII. While the nine-sixteenths of a second of indecency probably didn’t even register with most of the event’s 144 million viewers, the endless controversy it provoked in the media guaranteed that every child old enough to use Google learned a valuable lesson in human anatomy.

Apparently it’s still a thing people want to fuss about, as the Obama administration has asked the Supreme Court to review whether the half-million dollars in FCC fines levied against CBS should stand. The fine was thrown out in favor of CBS by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, saying that the FCC had been flaky with the consistency of their punishments.

Normally I would say this is stupid and a waste of time, but to be honest, I’m really excited to hear Ruth Bader Ginsburg say “nipple shield.” Just remember, though, kids: If you take the time to Google anything from that day, look up something that’s actually worth watching.