Big Boi talks Atlanta Falcons, music scene

Rapper Big Boi showed love for his Atlanta Falcons Sunday by posting his video "In the A." Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Rapper Big Boi calls life in his hometown of Atlanta the "Brotherhood."

It's his Atlanta Falcons with Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner, Matt Bryant, Roddy White, Julio Jones and others.

It's his Atlanta music scene with T.I., Ludacris, Cee Lo, Gucci Mane, Jermaine Dupri, Waka Flocka Flame and others.

Big Boi, one half of the multiplatinum duo Outkast, said the "ATL" is on top of the world right now, in sports and in music.

The Falcons beat Seattle on Sunday, are set to face the San Francisco 49ers this weekend in the NFC Championship Game, and Big Boi is stoked.

"There is no such thing as lose to me," Big Boi said. "I wasn't going to be sad if they lost, though. Well, unless I bet a lot of money."

On Sunday evening, Big Boi posted his video "In the A" from his new CD "Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors" to show his love for the city.

Playbook had a few minutes with Big Boi to talk about his new CD, today's music scene and working with Andre 3000 again.

You've gotten a lot of positive reviews on your second CD. What did you think when you finished the product?

"I was relieved. I had been working on it for 13 months. I was on a promotional tour and I wasn't there when it was taken to master. I had to leave my baby at the last minute. But I'm really proud of the music."

Looking back, anything you would have changed?

"I love everything about it. I had been listening to that music for about two years. Driving around, I would think about tweaking a song here or there. Adding some congos. Or a snare drum. By the time I get on stage to perform, I know every word by heart."

And now it's the time for remixes.

"I think remixes give songs more life. It's also for a different crowd. I might go jazzy or more bluegrass or more rock. Sometimes you need to remix it to take it to the clubs. I'm not about just putting different artists on the remix. I'm looking at changing the whole essence of the songs."

Speaking of remixes, I heard you and Andre 3000 did that Frank Ocean remix of "Pink Matter," your first collaboration in a long time with Andre.

"We finished that remix about a week ago and I sent it out Friday. We were just remixing it. It's a treat for our fans."

So any way you and Andre can get together soon to work on a new CD?

"I'm on tour through the summer and then on to the festivals. I'm traveling and having fun right now. I'll be working through the end of the year. I'm still very energized. And I think it's resonating with the music."

And still returning to Atlanta, right?

"Atlanta is always going to stay on top. When you hang with the same circles and party with the same circles, you share ideas and you come together for music."

So no other city will take that musical crown?

"Atlanta has had the ball for a minute. It's not going to move anytime soon. It's still hot. You have artists here who reinvent themselves and a host of new ones such as Trinidad James coming up. It's all about power in numbers. We jam together. We're comrades. That's how we keep our city on our back and push forward."

What's the next phase of music?

"The music is trapped in the 808 [drum machine]. It's all about the real heavy basses. The clubs like that, all that vibration. It also works with whatever recreational thing you do, such as your drinks or drugs. I'm not sure where it's going. That's all you hear in the South and in Las Vegas. I think you're going to see more concentrated sounds coming out of the clubs soon."

I heard you've been approached to do reality TV. What are your thoughts?

"They've been begging me to do it for years. My family is the only privacy I have right now. I would need to see what kind of light they want to put on me. I don't want to do TV if it's a show looking at how much money I got or how rich I am. I also want to control the editing. I'm about making music and spending time with my family. I've been in the spotlight so long that I'm looking for something different."