Kendrick Lamar stars at Super ESPN party

Kendrick Lamar wowed a star-studded crowd at ESPN's Super Bowl party. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images For ESPN

One of the highlights of Super Bowl week was ESPN The Party 2014. The red carpet was buzzing with various athletes, musicians and actors, including Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and Ice-T.

At a red carpet event, you can usually tell who the press and crowd is excited to see by the noise and number of flashbulbs that go off. As Kendrick Lamar stepped on the carpet, the energy multiplied by 20 with photographers and media types yelling their loudest to get the best shot.

Everyone was excited to see Mr. Lamar perform, as this would be his first performance since the Grammys, where he teamed up with Imagine Dragons. His set was as expected: high energy and for the fans, consisting of hits such as “Swimming Pools,” "The Recipe," “Money Trees” and “Poetic Justice.” The crowning moment was when he took it back to 2011 with a standout track from his independent album #Section80 “A.D.H.D.”

Athletes and celebrities alike were living in the moment with Kendrick as the drinks and energy flowed. With Lamar and Robin Thicke on the bill, the buzz of the night was worthy of a party to be paired with the Super Bowl.