Stephen Jackson's letter to Donald Sterling

NBA veteran Stephen Jackson appeared in nine games for the Clippers this season. Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

NBA veteran Stephen Jackson has put his feelings about Donald Sterling's comments to music.

Jackson, who briefly played for the Clippers this season, has released several albums under his rap name Stak5, has posted "America Da Beautiful (Letter to Mr. Sterling)" on Soundcloud. And he's got some hard questions and tough observations on the whole situation.

In the first verse, Jackson gets right to the point: "Is this a court or this a cotton field?/Could someone please exactly what this is?/I heard they hatin' but I ain't surprised/Same reason Martin Luther King died."

Jackson's anger is audible, and he uses the harshest possible imagery for racism in America -- that of slavery and Jim Crow -- to describe the Clippers' situation: "Cotton pickers running up that hardwood/While Massa overlookin' like it's all good." He sticks with the metaphor to a bitter conclusion: "It be the same people cut your check/Be the same people give you no respect/Beat you with a whip, noose around your neck/Hang you from a tree, yeah, you know the rest."

In a voiceover during the playout, Jackson says one of the best things about playing in the NBA was competing with and against people of all backgrounds and nationalities. And he salutes NBA commissioner Adam Silver for banning Sterling from the league. But he adds a warning: "It ain't over until his family completely -- completely -- sells the team."