Duff: Seattle goes weird with Irvin pick

The Seahawks' selection of Bruce Irvin was curious to many observers, including our columnist. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

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We do things a bit differently up here in Seattle. We built a building in the shape of some weird needle as our major landmark. We have houses that float. We drink too much coffee, and name our NFL football team after a bird that none of us has really ever seen.

There are plenty of see-able birds up here, but the "Eagles" was taken, and the "Robins" would be too wussy ... the "Geese" would just be plain silly.

We do things in an odd manner. Our homegrown coffee-baron buys our local and beloved NBA team, to supposedly be of "service to the public." This same wacky coffee CEO sells the team a few years later, to an extremely transparent and outside-motive-driven Oklahoman, who moves the team at his earliest chance. The "public" that this coffee baron served were the ones he tipped poolside at some fancy and sunny resort somewhere with the cool $90 million profit he made from the sale of our team. (Watch "Sonicsgate: Requiem For A Team").

We do things that make people just scratch their heads. We build a state-of-the-art MLB baseball stadium, arguably the "crown jewel" of all baseball parks in America, and then trade away our studs -- Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., Jose Cruz Jr., Jamie Moyer and Raul Ibanez -- who helped to get it built in the first place. Johnson and Moyer went on to win World Series rings after their trades.

What do you expect when you have a team owner who has never seen his team play?

Ah, Seattle is a funny little town. Our football team will draft players with no real eye toward what other teams are doing or how their competition is maneuvering. No. We will pick a clear second-rounder in the first round just to show everyone else that we do what we want up here. Sniffing glue may very well be one of those things.

I love my Seahawks, and will for life, but Bruce Irvin? Sure, sure, we are often proved wrong with many of these college studs that we all deem as surefire NFL bets -- but give me a chance to at least get excited first. Bruce Irvin? Really? Well, OK, Pete. I got faith in you, dude. Remember, Carroll, our coffee IS really strong up here. Drink a little less before next year’s draft, maybe?

Yes, we do things a bit odd up here. Sacramento Kings fans: If your team ends up here for some reason or another, please have patience with the way that we roll. It is a funny town, but we do honor our teams, and our fandom is second to none. Yes, we drink too much coffee and perhaps too many microbrews ... but we cherish our teams.

"H-O-P-E" is another four-letter word that we mutter and hang on, right along with all the other four-letter words that we mutter when it comes to our beloved sports teams.