Major to Minor YouTube Sensation Takes On Countdown

"Get Ready" on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown (10/12/2015)

For anyone interested, here is my cover of "Get Ready" by The Temptations featured during the intro of ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown yesterday, Oct. 12th!

Posted by Chase Holfelder on Monday, October 12, 2015

What started as an impromptu YouTube post has turned former IBM User Experience Software Designer, Chase Holfelder, into a YouTube sensation! His Major to Minor series caught our eyes (and ears) and we quickly found a way to pair up Chase and his self-made videos with ESPN's Sunday & Monday Night Countdown shows. ESPN Music had the chance to catch up with Chase and learned all about how he came up with the Major to Minor idea:

"I was singing in the shower as I often do, and I just started singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in a minor key just for fun to see if I could trick my brain into singing it that way." Chase continued, "It turned out pretty cool and I was like... Wow! I bet if I put this on YouTube people would like it. It's a unique enough idea that it might go viral, especially if no one had done it before."

...and he was right. A week later, that video racked up over a million views. The musician began posting his covers of songs by artists like Cyndi Lauper, Neon Trees, Taylor Swift, and many others a little over a year ago as part of his Major to Minor series. To date, Chase Holfelder's YouTube videos have been viewed nearly 9 Million times!

The North Carolina native certainly has his hands full. He not only acts as the talent, but he is also the one producing everything in the video from the performance down to the video editing. Chase told ESPN Music about the creative process:

"It's about listening to each song with that minor key switch in mind. I find that the pop-ier and happier the song is, the more shocking the transition is to the minor key and the more interesting it is to listen to."

ESPN and it's Countdown shows first partnered with Chase on his cover of "Best Day Of My Life". From there, "Every Breathe You Take", "Get Ready", and "Under Pressure" were born.

"I've kinda had it in the back of my head to do a Queen song for a while. Freddy Mercrury is one of my favorites and to be one of the best vocalists ever especially in rock music, ive kind of been apprehensive to tackle one of their songs so i'm glad this has given me the push to do that."

With half the football season left, you'll need to tune in ESPN to hear the latest songs we've partnered with Chase on.

"It's the perfect outlet for these major to minor tracks," said Chase. "People like hearing songs they recognize but then with some sort of epic, movie theatrical vibe added to them, it really lends itself to the intros of Sunday and Monday NFL Countdown."

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