3OH!3's New Album Night Sports Puts the Ball Back in their Court

Tomorrow, 3OH!3 releases their fifth studio album, Night Sports.

From recording in their Boulder home studios, to stripping the influence of more commercial-leaning producers, the electro-pop duo is getting back to their roots.

Night Sports isn’t as much of a departure as it is a return.

ESPN Music chatted with one of the two 3OH!3 frontmen, Nat Motte, about the new album and his love for Colorado sports.

“I think we really overtly just wanted to get back to basics on this record and that translates to us as getting together and having a good time and trying to put everything else out the door in terms of influence,” he said. “On this we’re pretty autonomous in terms of doing it all ourselves.”

The band’s mission statement for the album is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s under-thought.

“Just to make music that’s energetic, that’s fun, that’s hopefully catchy and has a little bit of a hard edge,” he said. “We try to take that ethos into everything we do, whether it’s our music videos or our live shows and everything in between."

That doesn’t sound too different than the selling point of the band that pumped out summer ballads such as “Don’t Trust Me,” “My First Kiss” and “Starstrukk.”

Night Sports maintains that same energy.

But what is missing from the album are the commercial pop features that introduced the group to the likes of Katy Perry and Ke$ha fans.

What they’ve stripped out, in terms of commercial features and pop moments, they’ve replenished with what Motte calls “self-imposed” influences.

Motte has his own theory for the lack of collaborations on the album:

“I think more so just because no one wants to come to a creepy basement in Colorado, which is where we both started making music,” he said.

The two are staying close to home and they’re fine with that.

“Sean and I have the shortest morning commutes in the world. We just kind of go to our home studios and start working, so it’s nice to be able to do it like that.”

The same goes for their favorite sports teams. The Boulder-based group has enjoyed their fair share of the Colorado sports franchises’ success, having performed at the Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory parade this past February.

“We’ve been lucky enough to see three Super Bowls in our years and it was awesome to be involved in the celebration,” he said. “I can’t take much credit for the actual Super Bowl victory, but I’d like to.”

With a towering stature of six foot eight, it’s easy to assume Motte has seen some game time himself.

“The question I get asked pretty much every day is, number one, “how tall are you?” and the subsequent question is “do you play basketball?” he said.

While he never made it to college hoops, Motte can still dream.

“There’s still time. I have 4 years of eligibility to play for the University of Colorado and I think as a 32 year old man, you can’t give up on your dream,” he said.

This summer, 3OH!3 heads back out onto the Warped Tour trail.

With thousands of attendees, unpredictable weather and a ceaseless touring schedule, the Warped Tour is a sport of its own.

“You know, to be honest it’s pretty right in the sports world because you're doing a thirty to forty minute set, you know, sometimes in a hundred, a hundred and ten degree temperatures.”

But that won’t keep them from playing it.

“We’ll always keep coming back,” he said. “It kind of breaks that wall down between music and musician. That’s something that’s been really dear to us in our careers and music.”

For the latest on 3OH!3, follow them on Twitter and be sure to check out Night Sports available for download tomorrow!