Epoch Failure Gives Runners Music Motivation for the NYC Marathon

We are less than one week away from the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon and ESPN Music has teamed up with urban pop-duo, Epoch Failure, to bring you their Turnt Up NYC Marathon Spotify playlist! "This playlist is a mix of some favorite "fire up!" tracks, both new and old. We included some "4th & inches, gotta plow through" adrenaline shots, along with some anthemic, motivational tracks" said singer Billy The Kidd. Rapper, Nickey Knoxx, added "We went with what we feel are some tried and true hype jams. We leaned on the familiarity of old school classics, while also mixing in some fresh picks. Hopefully it's the perfect balance to keep runners entertained, inspired and most importantly… on the move."

As the incredible athletes prepare for their 26.2mi race through New York City, Epoch Failure will be preparing to rock the streets and help motivate the runners. For the fourth year in a row, Epoch Failure will be performing on the stage located on 1st Ave between 95th & 96th Street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

We had the chance to catch up with Billy The Kidd and Nickey Knoxx to talk all things music + marathon:

The two are no strangers to the NYC Marathon scene telling us, "We love playing this event. The energy from the runners is insane," said Knoxx. "They're running past with fire in their eyes, and then they're giving us thumbs up and fist pumps for the musical inspiration, while the crowd is cheering them on for their running. It's a dynamic gathering that's truly something beautiful and organic."

And although neither have ever run a marathon, they are indeed runners at heart. "No marathon for me; I am purely a sprinter." Billy continued, "The closest I've been to this type of grueling workout was probably two-a-days back in my high school football career. It takes massive dedication and preparation to complete this event. My hat goes off to all the runners who are out there! As a member of the military, Nickey Knoxx went on to say "running and fitness are a huge part of my lifestyle. I've done plenty of 12-mile ruck marches, with 35 pound packs strapped on me. Like a marathon, endurance and will power are definitely put to the test during these marches. Bottom line, everyone with the courage to take on those 26 miles in NYC is amazing. It's an honor to be part of their special day.

With their anthemic, driven beats, Epoch Failure has been featured multiple times on ESPN throughout NCAA and NFL programming. When the New Jersey natives dropped their latest single, "Let The Fire Glow", they knew it would be the perfect soundtrack to the marathon runner's journeys. Billy The Kidd telling ESPN Music, "It's a fight song for all those souls who are brave enough to blaze their own paths. It's a musical celebration in response to overcoming the challenges and obstacles that any pioneer must face. We hope it'll fire up the runners on race day!" Knoxx adding, "Whatever your "finish line," we hope it provides inspiration to cross it in a roaring blaze of glory."

For more info on Epoch Failure and their performance at the TCS NYC Marathon, follow @EpochFailure on Twitter.