Carly Rae Jepsen on song, sports, Bieber

Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen is having a "Good Time" and having no problems these days getting someone to call her back.

On Saturday, Jepsen was in New York City to perform at the Arthur Ashe Kids' Day in preparation for the start of the U.S. Open. Her duet with Owl City for "Good Time" is playing on ESPN's platforms for the month of August.

The "Call Me Maybe" singer, 26, came in third on "Canadian Idol" in 2007 and is signed to Justin Bieber's Schoolboy Records. Her debut album, "Kiss," is coming out Sept. 18.

Playbook had a few minutes with Jepsen.

What do you think of all those athletes coming up with different videos for your monster hit "Call Me Maybe"? Swimmers. Baseball players. Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

"I love seeing the 'Call Me Maybe' remakes. It honestly makes my day each time I discover a new one. It’s really fun to watch."

You had a song called 'Tug of War.' Did you ever play that as a kid? Were you much of an athlete?

"'Tug of war,' the song, is more about the push and pull in relationships than the actual game, but, yeah, as a kid I was a bit of a tomboy, so I would have pulled my weight on the rope end."

Some of your tour dates are with fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. What's it been like with him?

"Justin has been my greatest supporter. He really opened the door for me. It's been amazing getting to know him as a musician, performer and friend. Can't wait to hit the road in the fall. 'Believe' is a wicked album, and I'm really excited to go live with my new album, 'Kiss.'"

Being from Canada, are you into hockey? Or are there other sports you like?

"You can't be Canadian and not appreciate hockey. One goes hand-in-hand with the other. My brother, cousins and parents all play hockey. I grew up singing national anthems."

What are your thoughts on traveling the United States? What's been your favorite part?

"It's been amazing to see parts of the world I have never visited before. I am falling in love with Los Angeles. Sun every day and city full of other songwriters. My kind of heaven."