Athletes who attempted rap careers

The view counter on the YouTube clip of Eli and Peyton Manning's "Football On Your Phone" clip for DirecTV was at 5.9 million as of about 10:15 a.m. ET Friday morning. That's a lot of "football on your phoooooone." And why not? It's the Manning brothers in wigs, running amok on the streets of New Orleans. It's laugh-out-loud funny. And it shows Eli has the same personality, sense of humor and willingness to not take himself seriously that has made older brother Peyton an advertising juggernaut.

That kind of success might lead Eli to rethink calling his rap career being "one and done." Now, it's not our place to persuade or dissuade athletes from their off-the-field interests, especially if the results are intentional or unintentional humor that's this good. But we'd be remiss if we didn't offer a cautionary tale or two.

Many athletes have attempted to cross over from sports to hip-hop. How many? Enough that we could ask SportsNation to consider 10 prime examples of athletes who tried, with carrying degrees of success.

And now it's your turn. To rate the relative musical merits of efforts by Shaquille O'Neal, Roy Jones Jr., Deion Sanders and the 1985 Chicago Bears, click here.