Sal Masekela releases full-length album

The genetically inclined songwriting of X Games host Sal Masekela is now available online, with the release last week of "The Sound of Alekesam," the first full-length record written by the action sports personality.

The 10-track album is the result of 10 weeks in a recording studio a year ago, working with producer Sunny Levine. Levine's father, Stewart Levine, produced critically acclaimed albums with Masekela's father, Hugh Masekela, a jazz great exiled from his native South Africa as his music reflected the conflicts of Apartheid during the 1950s and '60s.

Though Masekela's album doesn't carry the freedom fighter headiness of his father's music, it does represent a pivotal introspection in the 40-year-old's life. Masekela told ESPN.com that his long-ignored desire to "create something of record" surfaced with renewed vigor as his soul became an empty place after several years of celebrity reporting for "The Daily Ten," E!'s now-defunct entertainment news show. "[Making this music] was about getting to a place where I had no choice."

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