Jack Barakat of All Time Low talks Ravens

Marc Shilling and Jack Barakat of All Time Low attend Monday's Ravens' game. Jack Barakat

On Monday night, it was pretty easy for Jack Barakat of the pop-punk band All Time Low to watch his hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens.

He was right there with his buddy Marc Shilling.

That's better than when his four-member band, which was formed in 2003, is in Japan or Australia or Europe.

"When we're home, we're try to go to every game. When we're on the road, we try to watch every game," said Barakat, the band's lead guitarist. "Sometimes that can be difficult. In Japan, it was 2 a.m. and all of us were curled up in our hotel room trying to watch a game on one of the laptops."

That shows how big of fans the band's members really are.

Barakat said another time the band was performing at the House of Blues in New Orleans. The Ravens were playing on the TV screens in the back of the bar. While the band was on the stage, the members were screaming for plays they'd be watching on the screen.

"We were all raised here in Baltimore and a couple of us were born here," Barakat said. "Throw in the fact that a lot of our crew is from Baltimore and you can see how passionate we are."

So imagine when Barakat was looking for personal photos of his band wearing Ravens gear, he sent a request on Twitter.

More than 100 of his fans sent in personal photos of various poses, including a photo where half the band was nude and one member was wearing a Ravens jersey.

"Our fans can really relate to us and they connect through our lyrics," Barakat said of the band, which was formed in high school. "I think we're all really accessible. We do a lot of in-store signings and we're constantly going out after our shows to see our fans. We're like the people's band."

And the band, which had a song on "SportsCenter" recently, has returned to Hopeless Records and will release its fifth studio album "Don't Panic" in October.

"Our fan base is growing so fast. We're constantly traveling the world trying to play every city. We're just out there spreading the word," Barakat said. "And we're still there rooting for our Ravens. Maybe this is the year?"