Jason Sturgeon video honors Outlaws 'king'

Jason Sturgeon grew up in Indiana and is passionate about cars and motor sports.

With his new single, "Time Bomb," Sturgeon took the opportunity to honor a racing legend, Sprint Cup Series World of Outlaws driver Steve Kinser, known as the "King of the Outlaws." He invited Kinser to star in the video, set in the infield of a dirt track.

“Basically I just wanted to capture the intensity that was going on but also, [Kinser] has won 20 championships -- he’s raced Sprint cars, he’s raced Indy cars, he’s a badass racer," Sturgeon said. "I wanted to pay homage and showcase him in this video. He drives a 900-horsepower motor in a 1500-pound car, reaching 100+ on the straightaways. To have him blasting around us that fast was just unreal.”

Sturgeon said he thanked Kinser for his participation by presenting him with the Stratocaster guitar that he played during the shoot, which he had custom-painted to match Kinser’s car.