NYVES "Return" with New Video Release Presented by ESPN Music

NYVES new song "Return" drops with an undeniable intensity and heavy-hitting music video. NYVES (pronounced "knives") is the new electronic music project featuring Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) and Randy Torres (formerly of Project 86). Both musicians are well experienced within the music industry and are now joining forces to cultivate a unique new sound in the electronic genre.

"Return" beautifully captures the art of sport in its ambitious visuals and driven sound. With thematic imagery about motivation, overcoming the odds, and lyrics such as "don't be afraid, every trial is a chance for change" NYVES tells a compelling story of a determined boxer training with the sparse resources he has been given.

The video was directed by Cale Glendening, who has worked with Ryan Clark on numerous projects before. Glendening told ESPN Music:

"You don’t have to be a boxer to understand struggle. All of us have had moments where our hearts have fallen and the fight has been kicked out of us. Those moments are so dark and heavy, they make you want to stop dead in your tacks and give up. The idea of fighting for something you believe in may feel like a cliché, but anyone who has picked themselves up from the lowest of lows and started to rebuild, knows that it is a feat to admire."

Clark added "...it’s the kind of imagery I think people will forever associate with the song, and I think that’s the sign of a great video."

Their upcoming album Anxiety is set for release on June 23rd. If you pre-order the album here, you'll instantly receive downloads of "Something Divine" and "Fall Behind".

Keep your ears open, as NYVES has more music to follow this powerful video enjoyed by music and sports fans alike.