Lil' Wayne opens skatepark in NOLA

Last week, Lil' Wayne, Grammy award winning rapper and recently declared skateboarder celebrated by opening Trukstop Skatepark in his hometown of New Orleans.

Located in the Lower Ninth Ward, Lil' Wayne's Trukstop Skatepark is intended to be a beacon of hope and a rebirth for the community in an area that's seen little growth or rejuvenation since 2005, when it was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

In an interview Thursday at the park's opening, Lil' Wayne told The Associated Press, "I just wanted to help out my city, help out the people and the kids and give them something to do, something they haven't done before. It's always good to learn something new."

Professional skateboarder and this year's X Games gold medalist Paul Rodriguez was on hand, along with fellow Mountain Dew teammate Theotis Beasley to help commemorate the park's opening and to wow local kids with their bag of tricks, skating the park alongside novice skater Lil' Wayne for the crowd of spectators.

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