Uni Watch dissects new Rolling Stones logo

The Rolling Stones have released a 50th anniversary logo designed by Shepard Fairey. rollingstones.com

Sports teams aren't the only organizations that like to celebrate milestone anniversaries with special logos. With the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first gig fast approaching, the band has released its own golden anniversary logo design.

First, some full disclosure: I'm a huge Stones fan -- always have been. In fact, I was listening to a Stones mix on Spotify when I received an email letting me know about the anniversary logo. So I eagerly clicked on the link ...

... and was seriously disappointed.

What a stinker! The designer, Shepard Fairey, has done lots of great work in the past (including the iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster), but it looks like he phoned this one in. The "5" doesn't really work as a stand-in for the "S," the typography is a mess (five different fonts!), and "Fifty Years" doesn't scan well. Yeesh.

On the bright side, the Stones don't wear uniforms (well, usually), so this design won't be showing up as a sleeve patch.