What's on an Olympic athlete's playlist?

U.S. speed skater J.R. Celski has Kendrick Lamar on his training playlist. Getty Images

Ever had this happen at the gym?

You're in the locker room, all geared up and ready to hit the treadmill -- until you realize your mp3 player is at home on the kitchen counter. And just like that, you're seriously considering blowing it off, because there's no way you're going to make it through half an hour of aerobic activity without your playlist.

And that's why you're not going to Sochi with Team USA. Do you think world-class winter athletes hang up their skates and skis when they accidentally leave their tunes at home? No way. They're well beyond needing "I'm Your Boogie Man" by KC and the Sunshine Band to make it two miles on the eliptical. (Not that we'd know.)

What most of us do have in common with Team USA and the rest of the world's Olympic athletes is that they love workout music just as much we do. So maybe the music they're listening to can help the rest of us reach our health and fitness goals -- or at least make us feel like we're in Sochi, going for the gold.

Here's some workout playlists from five Team USA athletes, along with links where you can sample and download the music:

Gracie Gold, figure skating

Passenger -- "Let Her Go" (iTunes | Amazon)

Bonnie McKee -- "American Girl" (iTunes | Amazon)

Imagine Dragons -- "Demons" (iTunes | Amazon)

Ellie Goulding -- "Burn" (iTunes | Amazon)

J.R. Celski, speed skating

Kendrick Lamar -- "Rigamortis" (iTunes | Amazon)

Radiohead -- "Separator" (iTunes | Amazon)

Erykah Badu -- "Didn’t Cha Know" (iTunes | Amazon)

J Dilla -- "So Far To Go" (iTunes | Amazon)

Blu & Exile -- "Simply Amazin’" (iTunes | Amazon)

Julie Chu, women’s ice hockey

Lumineers -- "Ho Hey" (iTunes | Amazon)

Phillip Phillips -- "Home" (iTunes | Amazon)

Fun -- "Some Nights" (iTunes | Amazon)

"Perfect Pitch" soundtrack -- "Pool Mash Up" (iTunes | Amazon)

Of Monsters and Men -- "Little Talks" (iTunes | Amazon)

Katy Perry -- "Roar" (iTunes | Amazon)

Avicii -- "Wake Me Up" (iTunes | Amazon)

Ted Ligety, Alpine skiing

The Cars -- "Just What I Needed" (iTunes | Amazon)

Dr. Dre -- "What’s the Difference?" (iTunes | Amazon)

Imagine Dragons -- "Radioactive" (iTunes | Amazon)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -- "Thrift Shop" (iTunes | Amazon)

TV on the Radio -- "Wolf Like Me" (iTunes | Amazon)

Ross Miner, figure skating

Third Eye Blind -- "Semi-Charmed Life" (iTunes | Amazon)

The Strokes -- "Someday" (iTunes | Amazon)

Phoenix -- "Long Distance Call" (iTunes | Amazon)

U2 -- "Where The Streets Have No Name" (iTunes | Amazon)

Vampire Weekend -- "Walcott" (iTunes | Amazon)

Bruce Springsteen -- "New York City Serenade" (iTunes | Amazon)