Tuesday's Knicks News: Joakim Noah benched in wins over Mavs

Phil Jackson should shut up and look in mirror with Knicks: Phil Jackson still can’t help himself. Not even after all the losses in New York — historical failure at that — can the president of the Knicks ever show a humble side. Nope, Phil will always be Mr. 11 rings first and foremost. So when he sits down to conduct a rare interview he has no trouble insulting LeBron James, LeBron’s pals, airing the dirty laundry of the Miami Heat and tweaking the Spurs, Gregg Popovich, Tom Thibodeau and even Mike Conley Jr.’s contract. -- New York Daily News

Joakim Noah benched in Knicks' 93-77 win over Mavericks: The Knicks signed Joakim Noah to a four-year, $72 million contract and their best lineup may be without him on the floor. That was certainly the case in Monday’s 93-77 victory over the shorthanded Mavericks, when Kristaps Porzingis moved to center, Noah took a seat on the bench, and New York immediately went on a game-breaking 30-10 run. The small lineup – which featured Carmelo Anthony at power forward and Justin Holiday at small forward — was more in tune to the pace-and-space style of the modern NBA, and Noah understood why coach Jeff Hornacek made the move. -- New York Daily News

Dirk Nowitzki impressed with 'coldblooded' Kristaps Porzingis: Plans to work with Dirk Nowitzki over the summer fell through for Kristaps Porzingis, but the Knicks star still showed off the one-legged fadeaway in Monday's 93-77 victory over the Mavericks - and apparently let Nowitzki know about it. "He was staring me down (after hitting my trademark shot)," said Nowitzki, who was on the bench in street clothes because of a sore Achilles heel. "That was coldblooded." -- New York Daily News

Lance Thomas dealing with plantar fasciitis in both feet: Lance Thomas has struggled early to live up to the $27 million deal he signed over the summer, providing neither the defense nor offense that was expected from the Knicks reserve forward. But there's a reason, as the Brooklyn native explained to the Daily News while sitting in front of his locker with a walking boot: in addition to the bone bruise in his left ankle that kept him out of Monday's game against the Mavericks, Thomas has been suffering from plantar fasciitis in both feet all season. -- New York Daily News

Knicks destroy Mavs after Hornacek’s gutsy, $72M benching: The Mavericks came to Madison Square Garden with a makeshift starting lineup, wishing Dirk Nowtizki or Deron Williams were able to play. Meanwhile, Jeff Hornacek decided the Knicks were better off without one of their biggest names. Following a sluggish first half in which the Knicks scored just 36 points, faced a double-digit deficit and were booed by the home crowd, the new Knicks coach boldly benched the team’s $72 million free-agent signing — Joakim Noah — for the entire second half in favor of a small lineup and found a spark in reserve guard Justin Holiday, whose two-way play propelled the Knicks to a 93-77 win Monday night. -- New York Post

The Knicks irony of Phil Jackson taking shots at NBA greats: There is a new movie out about Howard Hughes. They should have gotten Phil Jackson to play the role. Every once in a while Jackson emerges and offers his Zen Master stuff to a reporter he likes. It’s always fascinating reading, but it also a bad look for a club president who has had zero overall success so far. There is a time when you need to just shut up until you put up, and we are at that point with Jackson. Until his Knicks actually do something, actually turn a corner, be a bit more humble? -- New York Post

First conflicts, now injury stand between Porzingis and his idol: Kristaps Porzingis battled Dirk Nowitzki for the first time last December, but an Achilles injury to the Mavericks star prevented a rematch Monday night. Porzingis, bothered by his back, nearly joined him on the sideline, but ended up with his first double-double of the season. “I just woke up like that. It was locked, I couldn’t move,” Porzingis said. -- New York Post

Justin Holiday sparks Knicks’ second-half blitz of Mavs: On a day when team president Phil Jackson declared in a published report that he is sticking to his plan for rebuilding the Knicks, whether it works or not, coach Jeff Hornacek made an executive decision to bench one of Jackson’s prized acquisitions. And the result was a much-needed win. With center Joakim Noah, their $72-million free agent, watching from the bench, the Knicks produced a monster third quarter and rolled to a 93-77 victory over the Dallas Mavericks Monday night at the Garden. -- Newsday

Knicks go on Holiday in winning second half: Justin Holiday has lived the life of a basketball nomad. He’s traveled to Belgium and Hungary to hold on to his professional dreams, played for roster spots in summer league after summer league, and has been waived by four different NBA teams before his 27th birthday. To which the Knicks say: Take your coat off, Justin. Have a seat. Stay a while. -- Newsday

Kristaps Porzingis and Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki just can’t make date: They are the two 7-foot ships that pass in the night, and speak to each other in passing. They are the friendship that every fan in the NBA wants to see, the mentorship that seemed all but inevitable. They seem incapable of making any of that happen. So seriously, folks, what do Kristaps Porzingis and Dirk Nowitzki have to do to spend a few hours in a gym together? -- Newsday

With His Idol Looking On, Kristaps Porzingis Shines in a Knicks Win: In the off-season, as the budding star Kristaps Porzingis prepared for his second season with the Knicks, his new coach, Jeff Hornacek, called his Dallas Mavericks counterpart. He wanted to arrange a meeting between Porzingis and Dirk Nowitzki. It was to be a quick apprenticeship but nonetheless represented a chance for Porzingis to learn at the feet of Nowitzki, the most successful European-born player the N.B.A. has seen. -- The New York Times