Wednesday's Knicks News: Melo's ejections bother Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek not a fan of Carmelo Anthony’s ejections in blowouts: Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek never believes in throwing in the towel and essentially said a game is never over until it’s over. So stay on the floor and in the game, Knicks. And, yeah, that means you, Carmelo Anthony. Anthony was ejected from a game for the third time this season Monday when he earned two technical fouls at 2:35 of the third quarter. The Knicks, at the time, were down 19. The Pelicans soared to a 110-96 victory. -- New York Post

Derrick Rose's sob story puts last nail in this Knicks experiment: This was a nice try. It was. Part of building a team is taking a risk with this guy, a chance with that guy. The Bulls took a shot with Dennis Rodman once, and Phil Jackson himself can tell you how well that turned out. The Lakers took a flier on Metta World Peace once. Jackson can speak expertly about that one, too. Derrick Rose was always going to be a risk, a roll of the dice by Jackson, trying to improve his team’s talent level, trying to catch lightning at the Garden. -- New York Post

Joakim Noah’s a horrible fit and Carmelo has to bolt: TNT analyst: Brent Barry, TNT’s analyst for Thursday’s Bulls-Knicks game, views Phil Jackson’s latest experiment a lost cause and advocates Carmelo Anthony waive his no-trade clause to join a winner. In a scathing review of the 17-21 Knicks, Barry also trashed starting center Joakim Noah, who will face his former team Thursday. Barry said he believes Noah no longer is in the right offensive system to hide his flaws nor has the lateral quickness to be the defender he once was. -- New York Post

For Knicks, Professionalism Was Missing Way Before Derrick Rose Was: There are innumerable ways to bail on workplace responsibility without permission or an acceptable excuse. And for the better part of the 21st century, the Knicks have been a virtual home office for creative, dismissive acts of unaccountability. As Derrick Rose said Tuesday upon his return from a one-night detour to Chicago, “things happen.” Things from weird to bad tend to spring up on organizations when the negligence comes from the top down. -- The New York Times

Derrick Rose Returns to Knicks and Explains His Absence: Derrick Rose returned to the Knicks on Tuesday after a confusing day away from the team that left his teammates and club executives concerned about his well-being. It turned out that Rose had traveled to Chicago, his hometown, to be with his mother without initially letting anyone on the Knicks know. And in the process, he missed the Knicks’ game against New Orleans on Monday night at Madison Square Garden, where they were run off the floor by the Pelicans. -- The New York Times

Derrick Rose returns to Knicks, is fined, says he went home for family issue: Derrick Rose was back with the Knicks after going AWOL Monday night. He said he had to tend to a family matter, and he apologized to the team before Tuesday’s practice. Rose said he flew to Chicago after Monday’s shootaround to be with his mother, and returned Tuesday morning. He knew the Knicks were trying to contact him Monday night, but said he didn’t want to pick up the phone. -- Newsday

Derrick Rose, fined by Knicks for his absence, says he returned to Chicago to be with his mother: Family comes first for Derrick Rose. Less than 24 hours after Rose went AWOL during a home loss to the Pelicans on Monday night, he returned to the Knicks facility and shed some light on the bizarre occurrence that left the organization scrambling to find its missing point guard. -- New York Daily News

Ex-Knick Greg Anthony says Derrick Rose's actions were ‘beyond unacceptable’: In an environment where trust and camaraderie often determine success, Derrick Rose committed a cardinal sin by abandoning his teammates without an explanation Monday night. That's according to a former Knick and expert in team dynamics -- Greg Anthony - who told the Daily News he was shocked by Rose's "beyond unacceptable" decision to freeze out his franchise while flying to Chicago on a game day. -- New York Daily News

Best thing for Knicks and Derrick Rose is to part ways: Derrick Rose's convoluted alibi had more holes in it than any wall Odell Beckham Jr. damaged at Lambeau Field on Sunday. The sooner Rose and the Knicks part ways the better for both sides because apparently neither is good for the other. The rebuilding Knicks don't and shouldn't have the time and patience for a veteran point guard who has such little regard for the organization that he goes AWOL and doesn't even bother to notify them that he's not coming to work. -- New York Daily News

Rose returns to Knicks, insists no issues remain: Derrick Rose returned to the Knicks Tuesday after going AWOL and skipping Monday’s game. Rose and the Knicks assured anyone who would listen that all is better now. But really, what are the chances? The Knicks run on chaos like the Garden turns on the lights with electricity. And Rose’s explanation seemed to have as many holes as the Knicks defense. -- The Record