Friday's Knicks News: Hernangomez has earned spot in rotation

Why Willy Hernangomez gets more dangerous every game: If you taped Wednesday’s Knicks-Nets game, you would fast-forward through the actual play and watch the commercials. It was so bad that most players involved, years down the road, will tell their grandkids, “Gramps had a DNP that night” to disavow any involvement in the sludge. That’s most players, not all. For Knicks rookie Willy Hernangomez, the 95-90 victory over the Nets at Barclays Center, though a blight to observers, provided more justification on why he should be a rotation constant. -- New York Post

‘It felt like I was breathing again’: Knicks’ veteran steps up: It is a virtual cliché, used by every coach who ever has held a whistle or clipboard, or any player pining for playing time: Be ready, because you never know when the call will come. So Sasha Vujacic, about as much a part of the Knicks’ rotation this season as Winston Churchill, stayed ready. And when summoned for a second straight night Wednesday, Vujacic not only produced, he produced Knicks history. -- New York Post

Jeff Van Gundy: Carmelo shouldn’t be starter in ideal landing spot: Jeff Van Gundy said he can see Carmelo Anthony as a sixth man for the Clippers, but the former Knicks coach can’t see him replacing Kevin Love in Cleveland. The Clippers and Cavaliers are the two teams for which the Knicks believe Anthony would waive his no-trade clause to join. However, it will be intriguing how Anthony responds to his fourth-quarter benching in Brooklyn on Wednesday. -- New York Post

Clippers' best option: Trade for Carmelo Anthony: It’s become automatic. The Clippers play the Golden State Warriors and the Clippers lose — nine times in a row, counting a 133-120 defeat Thursday night at Staples Center. The road to the NBA Finals goes through the Bay Area and the NBA Finals haven’t felt this remote in some time. -- Los Angeles Times

Kristaps Porzingis says development as Knicks star would be tougher without Carmelo Anthony: There was something of a breakthrough moment Wednesday night at Barclays Center, or, at the very least, a relevant feat from Kristaps Porzingis that we hadn’t previously witnessed. Now, everything has to be viewed through the lenses of the circumstances, specifically that the Knicks were playing the worst team in the NBA. By far. But for the first time, Porzingis closed out a victory without the help of Carmelo Anthony. -- New York Daily News

Willy Hernangomez, Kristaps Porzingis developing youthful chemistry: Carmelo Anthony was standing with a towel draped over his head, cheering. At one point, he flexed his biceps after rookie center Willy Hernangomez hit a tough fourth-quarter basket inside. As long as he’s a Knick, Anthony won’t be in that position often, watching from the bench during crunch time of a tight game. But Hernangomez is showing he should be in the spot he was in on a regular basis. -- Newsday

Knicks' Willy Hernangomez earning a bigger role: As the Knicks headed to a timeout in the fourth quarter Wednesday night against the Nets, Sasha Vujacic and Willy Hernangomez engaged in an animated discussion: the two-time NBA champion and nearly 33-year-old veteran trying to instruct the 22-year-old rookie, a teaching moment for a player starting out, and one near the end of his career. -- The Record