Report: Nobody, not even Steph Curry, shoots like Bird

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is ranked by some as the best shooter ever in the NBA based of his ability to make long-range shots from different ways on the court. One local Indianapolis writer believes the title should stay with former Boston Celtics great and current Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird. From Gregg Doyel of The Indianapolis Star:

    "They're lining up now to call him basketball's greatest shooter, and to a point I'm on board with the praise for Golden State's Stephen Curry. Greatest active shooter? Certainly. Best 3-point shooter ever? Sure, why not. Best-shooting guard, best-shooting dad with an adorable daughter named Riley, best-shooting son of a former sweet-shooting NBA player – fine, all of it. Best shooter ... ever? Can't go there. Because I remember Larry Bird. So I called Bird, told him the debate, told him he – not Stephen Curry -- is my choice for greatest shooter ever. And Larry Bird didn't tell me I'm wrong. It's a subjective title, an unprovable assertion, but what I believe is this: The natural, the guy who shoots it better than anybody ever has, is Larry Bird. He's running the local NBA team, and that's an inconvenient truth. Makes this opinion here look biased, suspect. Look at the Indianapolis homer, defending one of his own. I'm not stupid. I know how it looks. Don't care though. ... Now in the NBA Finals, Curry's uncanny shot-making is drawing superlatives. And he might well be the second-greatest shooter of all time. But there can be only one. And for me – for lots of us, right? -- Bird's the one."