Beal sees advantages of virtual reality technology

On Wednesday, Monumental Sports & Entertainment and STRIVR Labs Inc. announced a multi-year partnership that will make Monumental's three owned teams -- the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals and Washington Mystics -- the first NBA, NHL and WNBA teams, respectively, to utilize STRIVR's virtual reality technology.

Through the partnership, players on each team will be able to train and visualize real-game experiences from an on-court or on-ice perspective, allowing them to review a play from a first-person vantage point looking in any direction, the statement explains.

For his part, Wizards guard Bradley Beal is excited about the new technology. In an interview with the Monumental Network from USA Basketball mini-camp in Las Vegas, Beal said utilizing virtual reality should help him avoid injury and see where he can improve his game.

"That’ll be unique, just to see how you move and how you shoot," Beal said of the technology. "My biggest thing is staying healthy, so I’m definitely going to need it just to see how I’m moving and the way I’m active on the floor.

"Whenever you watch yourself again or whenever you’re breaking down something, [finding out what to do differently] is all I look for. I’m not always looking at all the things I did [well]," Beal continued. "That’s what makes you a good player and what makes you continue to get better."

Virtual reality is already being utilized in the NFL, with the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals all listed as STRIVR clients.