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Rumor Central: Are Nuggets a good match for Kyrie Irving?

Since reports surfaced of Kyrie Irving wanting a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the rumors continue to swirl about where the four-time All-Star may land.

In Zach Lowe's story on potential Irving trades, Lowe cites several reasons why the Denver Nuggets should pursue him. The first reason Lowe gives is the Nuggets' need for an upgrade at point guard in order to make the playoffs.

"The Nuggets, desperate to make the postseason, might need an upgrade at point guard unless [Jamal] Murray is ready for heavy starter minutes. Toss aside the fit issues. Murray is 20. Irving is a superstar offensive player. Tilt his game a little bit more toward passing -- an evolution that might happen naturally with [Nikola] Jokic and Paul Millsap flinging the ball around -- and maybe he becomes one of the league's half-dozen or so best offensive players," writes Lowe.

Lowe also mentions that "Irving would sell tickets in a market that badly needs a jolt." In Lowe's podcast, he elaborates on the business aspect of an Irving trade by pointing out that the Nuggets were last in attendance this season. It'd be something that would come up in Denver's internal discussions, says Lowe.

Brian Windhorst, a guest on the podcast, agreed that Irving would give a team like the Nuggets a big financial boost. "His shoes are immensely popular. He's immensely popular with kids," says Windhorst. "If you trade for him, it is a big boost to your franchise. You're going to sell more tickets. You're going to be on TV more. You're going to sell more jerseys."

According to league sources, the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves are Irving's preferred destinations.

-- John Wilmhoff

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