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Rumor Central: Pacers exercise Myles Turner's 2018-19 option?

The Indiana Pacers will open the 2017-18 season with Myles Turner as their starting center. Turner is a key player moving forward, and the Pacers have exercised their 2018-19 team option as part of his rookie-scale contract, according to the transactions page.

The Pacers had until Oct. 16 to pick up the option, but they felt there was no need to wait, so it was exercised Monday.

Turner believes in the Pacers' future and has predicted the team will compete for a spot in the 2018 Eastern Conference playoffs. He is also planning to play a key role in the locker room this coming season.

"I want to start establishing myself as a leader in this league and on this team," Turner said. "I know I'm quite young compared to a lot of guys on this team, but the best time is to start young."

Turner played in 81 games last season and averaged 14.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game.

-- Nick Silva

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