That feeling when coach cancels practice and takes the team to the movies ...

We know that training camp is an arduous grind, often filled with double practices, soreness, and meetings upon meetings to finish long days.

And by this point, the novelty of camp has worn off -- only the bruises and the seemingly interminable countdown to opening day remains. These are the dog days of August.

Stanford coach David Shaw recognized this, so he decided to give his team a Tuesday afternoon morale boost. He initially acted as if he was going to schedule another team meeting, but instead surprised Cardinal players with an announcement of a trip to the movies. Their combination of relief and elation was palpable:

The team went to see "Hell or High Water," a western that has received rave reviews. By the way, that's defensive lineman Luke Kaumatule giving Shaw a massive bear hug in the video. All 6-foot-7, 281 pounds of him.