Brandon Williams disputes noncooperation with NCAA investigators

A former Louisville graduate assistant is fighting charges that he did not cooperate with NCAA investigators looking into the ongoing basketball scandal at the school.

Brandon Williams, now a high school coach in Miami, has been charged with violating the principles of ethical conduct for refusing to turn over telephone records, a "severe breach" according to the NCAA in its formal response to Louisville's rebuttal.

But in documents obtained by the Louisville Courier-Journal, lawyers for Williams called the NCAA's charges a "fishing expedition," arguing that the phone in question belonged to Williams' mother and that she would not give permission to release the records.

In its formal rebuttal, the university did not take a stand for or against Williams, arguing that he is no longer an employee.

A Level I violation such as this could carry serious penalties, including a show-cause, which would make it more difficult for Williams to pursue a college coaching career.

"No matter what Mr. Williams did, and no matter how responsive he was, the NCAA always asked for more," lawyers wrote in the response obtained by the newspaper. "While the subject matter of the investigation, and the ensuing investigation of the University of Louisville, are indisputably legitimate, exposing Mr. Williams to a lifelong stigma is neither justified nor appropriate. Mr. Williams more than satisfied his obligations to the NCAA."