3-point stance: Lane Kiffin's approach

1. USCs Lane Kiffin has provided plenty of reasons to question his head coaching decisions. But one thing I enjoy about Kiffin is his willingness to say publicly that he doesn’t take some things seriously just because that’s the way they have always been done. Kiffin said this weekend that he spent five minutes putting together the Trojans depth chart, which should have been obvious when he didn’t name a starter at five positions. Thanks for playing it straight, Coach.

2. Aaron Murray has a chance to become the best quarterback ever to play at Georgia, which is saying something. But to do so, the four-year starter will have to eliminate a few more errors. Murray has completed 65.6 percent of his passes in 28 victories, and only 52.5 percent in 13 losses. That is a much larger spread than AJ McCarron at Alabama, who has completed 67.7 percent of his passes in 25 victories, and 59.7 percent in two losses. That’s right – two losses.

3. The smart scheduling award goes to Texas Tech, which opens the season on the road Friday night at SMU. The Red Raiders technically play only six games at home this season. However, their opener barely counts as a road game. Texas Tech has 40,000 alumni in the Metroplex. That covers the Nov. 16 game against Baylor at Arlington Stadium as well. In fact, Texas Tech plays only three games outside state lines. It pays to play in a big state.