UConn coach Edsall feels 'empty' after emotional loss

West Virginia Stops Inspired UConn Team (1:21)

Huskies fall to No. 23 Mountaineers, 28-24, in first game back since the fatal stabbing of CB Jasper Howard (1:21)

Posted by ESPN's Sandy Rosenbush

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. -- When UConn quarterback Cody Endres' fluttering pass dropped into the waiting hands of West Virginia’s Sidney Glover, the Huskies’ upset bid was over. UConn’s valiant attempt to win the game for fallen teammate Jasper Howard fell just short.

After returning to the sideline, Endres stood with his head down -- and all along the UConn sidelines, players blinked back tears as time expired on their 28-24 loss.

"I just feel very empty," said UConn coach Randy Edsall, who added he would tell his players their effort was "outstanding."

“I know Jazz is proud of their efforts,” Edsall added. "Not proud of how they finished, but proud of their efforts."

Edsall said afterward, "It's a hurt locker room. We just wanted it so bad for Jasper."

Team played with Howard in their hearts and wanted to "do him proud." And Edsall said he felt sure they had.