Notre Dame, Boise State voted the places to be for coaches

Notre Dame is the top Power 5 coaching destination of the Group of 5 coaches, while the Power 5 coaches voted Boise State as the most attractive Group of 5 school.

In ESPN's weekly question, the Power 5 coaches were asked if they were not at their current school at which Group of 5 school would they want to be. And the Group of 5 coaches were asked if not at their current school at which Power 5 school they would want to be.

Notre Dame was the top Power 5 school, receiving 14 percent of the vote. Texas (11 percent) was second, followed by Stanford (8 percent). Alabama and Georgia tied for fourth (7 percent each) with Florida State sixth (6 percent).

Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas A&M and Washington tied for seventh, each with 5 percent.

Boise State took top honors among the Group of 5 schools with 20 percent, followed by Army (14 percent) and Cincinnati (10 percent). There was a six-way tie for fourth place among BYU, Hawaii, Houston, Navy, San Diego State and UCF with 6 percent each.

Of the 128 FBS coaches, 97 participated in this week's confidential poll.

The Power 5 schools are made up of teams from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC conferences and Notre Dame. The Group of 5 schools consist of teams from the American, Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West and Sun Belt conferences, Army and BYU.

How the Group of 5 coaches voted:

Notre Dame 14 percent

Texas 11 percent

Stanford 8 percent

Alabama 7 percent

Georgia 7 percent

Florida State 6 percent

Florida 5 percent

Oklahoma 5 percent

Oregon 5 percent

Texas A&M 5 percent

Washington 5 percent

Schools that received 2 percent: Baylor, Clemson, Kentucky, Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Virginia, Wisconsin.

How the Power 5 coaches voted:

Boise State 20 percent

Army 14 percent

Cincinnati 10 percent

BYU 6 percent

Hawaii 6 percent

Houston 6 percent

Navy 6 percent

San Diego State 6 percent

UCF 6 percent

Schools that received 2 percent: Bowling Green, Colorado State, East Carolina, Louisiana Tech, Northern Illinois, Southern Miss, Tulsa, UAB, USF, Utah State.