ACC in the morning: Headlines from Georgia

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Rise n' shine, it's kickoff time ...

Two players from each school were made available to the media Sunday afternoon here at the Ritz, so reporters all had the same ingredients to make a different cake. Here's what everyone came up with:

Clemson story No. 1.

Clemson story No. 2.

Cullen Harper, he plays for Clemson, right? No. 3.

Even with all of the talent on the Tigers' roster, at least one player had trouble determining the league's superstar this season.

These guys are good, but they're not the face of the ACC, either. John Phillips is ready, though, to continue Al Groh's tight end traditions.

Sorry guys, but the Atlantic Division has been better in the past and should be better again.

I literally ran into Sean Glennon on Sunday morning when I stopped for a water break and he was teeing off. Later in the day, Drew Weatherford had a few questions of his own for me about ACC football and his offensive line. Both of those conversations were probably more pleasant than the questions these guys had to answer yesterday in their respective hot seats. A few papers touched on this. In fact, it might have actually gotten more attention than Clemson.

Back-to-back 7-6 seasons in Tallahassee? No matter. The Seminoles' table was still among the most crowded. Everyone wants to know -- are they back?

Weatherford, though, says he's ready to be the guy.

The one guy Florida State and Miami missed out on in the room yesterday drew just as much attention to his interview table. See?

Both Florida State and Miami are looking to veteran leaders to help reverse their fortunes.

There's also a "new attitude" in Miami. There has to be.

And there might be a new quarterback at NC State. His big brother said so.

North Carolina wide receiver Hakeem Nicks doesn't need much more confidence.

What can Boston College fans expect this season? Not much, until the Eagles prove otherwise. Of course, their expectations were higher than mine.

Watch your knees, Georgia Tech opponents.

North Carolina players think Butch Davis is the Man. But North Carolina players were young last year, and they'll be young again.

Apparently, reporters aren't thinking too much of Maryland. The Terps' table was pretty empty, except for this guy.

Even Duke drew some interest.

As I type, the coaches are golfing. Check back later for more on what the players had to say Sunday, and for what the coaches have to say tonight.