Friday conversation with Utah State RB Robert Turbin

Utah State running back Robert Turbin has helped revitalize the Aggies running game and diversify the offense this year. Last week, he surpassed 1,000 yards, becoming the first Aggies running back to reach that milestone since 2001.

He’s rushed for more than 100 yards in two of the past three games and tonight he tries his luck against No. 6 Boise State. Turbin took a few minutes to chat about the season and his record.

You’ve got two games remaining. How do you feel like this season has gone for you guys?

Robert Turbin: Obviously the season, as a team, hasn’t gone as planned. We thought we’d have more wins on the schedule there, but we’ve been able to play through some things and we played well at home. As far as the running game goes, obviously a great accomplishment going over 1,000 yards last game. That’s something that we’ve had a goal to do as an offense since the beginning of the year. And to be able to accomplish it has been great for us. It’s real humbling, for me especially, to be able to do that.

What was it like for you passing 1,000 yards?

RT: Words can’t describe. It’s always been a goal of mine and it’s been a goal as a team for our whole offense. We haven’t had a 1,000-yard rusher here in a long time. It’s humbling to see all the work that you put in in the offseason and camp and in the summer pay off. When all that hard work actually pays off and you reach some of your goals, words can’t describe the feeling of that.

How much did you feel like the running game needed to pick it up this year to take some pressure of your quarterback?

RT: We felt like we needed to pick up a lot. Last year the running game was so-so. Last season, Diondre [Borel] was mostly the running game and we didn’t want that this season. So, we got together in the spring, we started our new offense with the new coaching staff and new scheme and things like that, and really put an emphasis on getting the running backs the ball and having the running backs be able to produce. And we’ve been able to do that.

Now that you’re almost a year through it, how do you like the new coaching staff, the new offense and some of the new ideas?

RT: I’ve loved it and it’s been great. It’s been great learning the spread offense. I didn’t know if I’d like it at first. It was something that I wasn’t used to. I’d never been a part of a spread offense before. But I was able to get used to it real fast and be able to pick up on some of the new terminology and some of the new plays real fast. We’ve been able to click as an offense and get it going on the ground.

This week your coach said he’d like to model your program after Boise State. What do you think of that?

RT: Well, Boise State is obviously at a stage in their program where we want to get. We want to be Top 25 consistently every year, top 10 and things like that, putting ourselves in the position to win championships and getting to bowl games. We want to get there and if we can pull out a win on Friday that would be huge. That would be a big step for this program, a big step for these players and we would be able to build off that.

Do you have more confidence going into this Boise State game this year than maybe you did a year ago?

RT: Sure. We know that we’re a better team. We know we’re a good team if we do things the correct way. If we execute, if we play fast like we’re supposed to, if we don’t turn the ball over, we’re a hard team to stop on offense and defensively. We know that Boise State is a great team, they have a great defense, the best in the WAC, and they do a lot of different things on offense that can put a lot of points on the board. But we’re confident that if we’re disciplined in our assignments and what we’re supposed to do we’ll be able to win the game.

Has this season been more fun? I know the wins haven’t been there, but you’ve been way more competitive.

RT: Even though the wins haven’t been there, it has been a lot of fun. We have a lot more fun as a team. We do a lot of team activities and stuff like that more so than we did before. There’s a lot more camaraderie throughout the team. There’s a better player-coach relationship throughout the team. We’re having a lot of fun. We’re laughing and joking and having a good time and when it’s time to get down to business, we’re able to focus, too.