Malzahn doesn't wait long for his wrinkles

AUBURN, Ala. -- You knew Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn would have a few tricks up his sleeve for the Alabama defense, especially with an extra week to prepare.

But this looks like something you'd see in your back yard. Malzahn's drawing them up, and the Tigers are shredding Alabama's vaunted defense right now to the tune of a 14-0 first-quarter lead.

Auburn scored its first touchdown on 67-yard run by Terrell Zachery, who took a pitch on a reverse and weaved his way through the Alabama defense, which was uncharacteristically out of position.

But just about everything Auburn has tried to this point has included some kind of pitch back, quarterback draw, Wildcat formation, even a throw-back pass.

You name it, and the Tigers have tried it.

Their second touchdown came on a play-action pass from the 1 on third down with Chris Todd hitting Eric Smith in the end zone.

It's safe to say that Malzahn is winning his battle at this point.