Friday chat with Southern Miss QB Martevious Young

When Southern Miss starting quarterback Austin Davis went down with a season-ending injury seven games ago, coach Larry Fedora looked to redshirt junior Martevious Young to lead the Golden Eagles to the Conference USA East title.

In his career, Young had completed four passes for no touchdowns and an interception.

Since losing his first start against Louisville, Young is 4-1 and has his team one win away from the C-USA East title. Young took a few minutes away from his preparations for East Carolina to chat.

Where are you now compared to where you were six games ago?

Martevious Young: I think I’ve come a long way where now I can just be relaxed and not force anything. I think I’ve come a long way in decision making.

Were you ready to go in when Austin went down and did you know at the time that it would be for the rest of the year?

MY: Yeah, I think I had prepared myself the whole season. I didn’t know it would be for the season, but I just had my head stuck in that game and just took it one day at a time.

What did you feel like you needed to get better at to be able to push this team through and to a possible East title?

MY: I needed to study opponents more, get in and watch film, and just execute and take care of the ball. I knew that if I took care of the ball it would give us a great chance to win.

Have you surprised yourself at all during the past six weeks?

MY: I think probably just being so relaxed. I think that’s the only thing that has surprised me. I expected to be able to go out and play well and just execute.

When you guys lost that close game to Houston, how did this team rally and stay in a position to still win the East?

MY: We knew that that game really didn’t hurt us and that we still controlled our own destiny. We just took it one game at a time and just focused on finishing.

How hard is it coming in in the middle of the season and trying to lead this team to a title?

MY: I thought it would be kind of hard, but I just sat back and saw it as a chance I’ve been waiting for. I didn’t want to get nervous and freeze up when it came. I had to play and stay confident in myself.

How much fun has the last six weeks been for you?

MY: It’s been tons of fun. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I wouldn’t give it back for anything.