Three-point stance: Is Texas deserving?

1. Texas coach Mack Brown spins so well that if he owned ice skates, he'd be favored to medal in Vancouver. Maybe when the disbelief evaporates and my jaw returns to its upright position, I'll return to thinking that the Longhorns deserve to play in the BCS National Championship Game. But the slapstick finish to the Nebraska game, coupled with the inability to put mediocre Texas A&M away the week before, are reason enough to believe that the wrong team from Texas will play Alabama.

2. My Heisman ballot: 1) Toby Gerhart. The Stanford senior tailback got stronger as the season progressed. He never had a bad game. And he puts the student in student-athlete. 2) Mark Ingram is the best player on the No. 1 team. He can take over a game. And the first contact rarely takes him down. 3) Ndamukong Suh. Most interior linemen do their work unnoticed. Suh is so dominant that you can't ignore him.

3. In recent years, USC has played on Championship Saturday and siphoned away plenty of attention from the league championship games. On this Championship Saturday, the Trojans were an afterthought -- and played like one. What is worth pointing out is not the 21-17 home loss to Arizona, a good team. But USC played with a noticeable lack of energy and got little help from their fans. The Trojans are 8-4 and the Coliseum is half empty in the fourth quarter. The players and the fans need to look in the mirror.