Final regular-season Big East power rankings

1. Cincinnati (12-0, 7-0 Big East): Perhaps you've heard the Bearcats are pretty good.

2. West Virginia (9-3, 5-2): Both the Mountaineers and Pitt had two conference losses. Both lost to Cincinnati. Pitt's nonconference defeat was at NC State, while West Virginia's was at Auburn. And, of course, the Mountaineers beat the Panthers. That gives WVU an ever-so-slight edge here.

3. Pitt (9-3, 5-2): Of all the possible ways to lose, a botched extra point has to be one of the most painful. You get the feeling Pitt botched all three games it lost.

4. Connecticut (7-5, 3-4): Ending the year on a three-game winning streak, UConn established itself as a top-four team in these rankings and a legit 2010 league title contender.

5. Rutgers (8-4, 3-4): The best news for Rutgers is that, although the team is heading to another Big East lower-level bowl, at least St. Petersburg is a nice place to be.

6. South Florida (7-5, 3-4): The Bulls showed a lot of fight in the snow at UConn. Still, they've only won three games since Sept. 26, and two of them were against Louisville and Syracuse.

7. Louisville (4-8, 1-6): Should the Cardinals be knocked down a notch because of how Charlie Strong's defense played against Alabama?

8. Syracuse (4-8, 1-6): Doug Marrone is looking for a new offensive coordinator. He should find somebody who can call plays like his old boss, Sean Payton. Or better yet, just find another Drew Brees to play quarterback.