Three-point stance: Bowl prep or job hunting?

1.It’s one thing to be a coordinator at one school while preparing to be a head coach at another. Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen juggled jobs nicely a year ago as Florida won the BCS title. It’s another to be a lame-duck assistant coach trying to find a job while preparing for the Gator Bowl. If I’m one of the three Florida State assistants who won’t be retained by Jimbo Fisher, am I going to work the phones for a job or watch video of West Virginia?

2.AOL Fanhouse quotes multiple witnesses who saw USF coach Jim Leavitt attack player Joel Miller. The story also quotes Miller’s father discussing the incident. Leavitt denies striking Miller. And now that the university is investigating the incident, Miller’s father is backing off his account. Where are the multiple witnesses? Did all of them disappear, too? USF brought in an outside investigator. Here’s hoping he figures out what really happened.

3.Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said that the league will take a fresh look at expansion. Don’t get excited. It’s hard to imagine two schools that would make sense for the league that would be willing to come. The new members have to bring markets with them that are large enough so that 12 slices of the pie would be as lucrative as 10 slices are now.