Three-point stance: Playing Tebow helped prepare Tide

1.The tenor of the questions asked of the Texas offense at the news conference on Sunday continued to poke at the Longhorns. Offensive coordinator Greg Davis and the players heard about the lack of a consistent running game and about the line’s inability to block Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska. Texas keeps saying that it doesn’t need negative motivation when it is playing for the national championship. But no competitor likes to be challenged.

2.Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain said that playing Florida quarterback Tim Tebow in the last game has helped the Crimson Tide prepare for Colt McCoy of Texas. "Our D-line did a great job of containing him, not letting him run and make plays with his feet too often," McClain said. "I think he had one long scramble. Other than that, he was in the pocket all day." Two differences: linebacker Cory Reamer thinks McCoy is faster than Tebow and more dangerous when throwing on the run.

3.McCoy when asked about the adoration he feels when he returns to his hometown of Tuscola, Texas: “Well, I think all 700 people probably have an autograph at this point.” Because of McCoy’s down-home personality and his four years as a starter, the Longhorn fans’ attachment to him appears more personal than their adoration of Vince Young.