Three-point stance: Fiesta, Ingram, Rich Brooks

1.Boise State’s 17-10 defeat of TCU in the Fiesta Bowl proved there’s something to be said for having been there before. The Broncos played a solid, unspectacular game on offense and great defense. The Horned Frogs looked tight from the beginning and never relaxed. Boise State used only one trick play but the fourth-quarter fake punt blew open the game. Those of us who advocated TCU for the BCS National Championship Game don’t look so bright.

2.Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram said he knew his life had changed when he people stopped him for an autograph or a cell-phone photo in cities like Atlanta or Chicago. The Alabama sophomore said he wasn’t ashamed that he cried on national television as he accepted the trophy. The emotion overwhelmed him. When was the last time he cried? Ingram thought. “I don’t know. Probably gettin’ a whuppin’ or something when I was little,” he said.

3.In Rich Brooks’ case, the numbers not only fail to tell the story, they flat out lie. In 25 seasons as a head coach at Oregon and Kentucky, Brooks went 130-156-4 (.455). That winning percentage would get you fired in most places. But Brooks took hollowed-out programs, tore them down and built them back up. At both schools, his best years came at the end of his tenure. Brooks retired Monday and college football is a less talented place.