Muschamp: Brown, Saban a lot alike

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- From the outside looking in, Alabama’s Nick Saban and Texas’ Mack Brown aren’t going to be mistaken for coaching twins too often.

Saban’s the stoic one. Brown’s the friendly one.

Saban’s the guy who’ll get in your face and chew you out. Brown’s the guy who’ll pat you on your back and tell you there will be a next time.

Saban’s the one who likes to spar with the media. Brown’s the one who doesn’t mind hamming it up with the media.

At least, that’s the perception.

Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp has worked for both men, and he says the reality is that they’re a lot more alike than unalike.

“What you see on TV or what you see on the sideline isn’t necessarily who they are,” Muschamp said. “I don’t think the perception of Mack is what he really is. Mack is very hard-nosed. He’s tough. He’s hard on his coaching staff in a good way, in a positive way. Nick’s perception, on the other hand, is not necessarily what meets him in reality.”

The bottom line, according to Muschamp, is that they both would be successful no matter what they were doing.

“They’re both guys who are very intelligent,” Muschamp said. “The success they’ve had at numerous stops has been very identical, and they’re both guys I think could take over as a CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation and be successful because they’re smart. They know how to relate to people. They have a plan. They’re organized, and that’s why they’ve had so much success.”