Colorado's Hypolite's makes early Heisman prediction

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Colorado defensive tackle George Hypolite is by far my favorite Big 12 player -- at least in terms of doing my job.

Hypolite enlivened an otherwise relatively sedate media days with stories about serving as a telemarketer this season selling Colorado season tickets. He's as quick with a quip as he is rushing an opposing quarterback.

"I tell them they better buy their tickets early before we start making our BCS push," Hypolite said.

The outgoing Hypolite, along with Missouri's Chase Daniel, will serve as contributors to the rejuvenated Sporting News that made its debut earlier this week. And, if some of Hypolite's stories are as good as his soundbites, they'll really be something. But he might have taken hyperbole to a new level when he compared incoming Colorado freshman Darrell Scott to Adrian Peterson and Jim Brown.

"He's a physical specimen," Hypolite told the New York Times blog this week. "There's not too many guys running around who are that big, that strong and that fast."

But Hypolite sounded more like a carnival barker when he predicted some major accomplishments for Colorado's heralded recruit.

"If I'm worth my salt and the rest of the leaders on this team are worth their salt, he'll be up for the Heisman in two years," Hypolite told the Times. "That would be awesome and great for Colorado football."

Maybe true, as Hypolite has obviously learned a little about whetting the consumer's appetite during his telemarketing career.

But shouldn't we wait and see Scott play a couple of college games first before we start sending him to New York City for the Heisman presentation?