Miller demands apology from Leavitt

Reports are coming out that East Carolina coach Skip Holtz has called a team meeting at the top of the hour and is expected to accept the South Florida job. As that develops, the continuing drama around the Bulls program took another turn today as Joel Miller demanded through his attorneys that Jim Leavitt apologize for slapping him -- or else Leavitt may be slapped with a lawsuit.

You can watch the video of attorney Barry Cohen's news conference here.

"It's time to stand up now, coach, and do the right thing," Cohen said, "because if you don't, Steve Romine [Cohen's legal partner] and I might not know much about football, but we know a lot about hardball."

Miller told the assembled media that he changed his story after the initial report of his allegation in order to try and protect Leavitt. Miller also told school investigators that Leavitt did not strike him.

"I'm here to tell you the truth about what really happened," Miller said. "He grabbed me by the neck and he hit me twice."

Leavitt, through his attorney, told the St. Petersburg Times that he has no intention of apologizing to Miller.