Chow's staying at UCLA

Unless lightning strikes again, Norm Chow won't be part of the massive transformation at USC.

Chow will remain UCLA's offensive coordinator and not join Lane Kiffin's staff at USC, <a title="Chow's agent told ESPN" href="http://sports.espn.com/los-angeles/ncf/news/story?id=4825852" target="_blank">Chow's agent told ESPN</a>.

This might be best for Chow and Kiffin.

Chow apparently wanted assurances he'd get a contract extension from the Bruins before he made a decision. He's presently in the third year of a three-year contract, which will pay him $640,000 this year.

While USC athletic director Mike Garrett was on record wanting Chow to reunite with Kiffin, it's less likely Kiffin was as keen on the idea.

Chow's decision now allows Kiffin to make his own call at offensive coordinator -- as well as to call his own plays. And to avoid a potential soap opera with Chow.

And, considering reports that Chow was going to be offered more than $1 million dollars to come to USC, there's plenty of money in the USC coffers to go after a big-time coordinator.